Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital has been planned to serve all sections of people by providing essential as well as specialized Medicare. In the first phase a 250 bed hospital has been put into service since August 1989. The number of beds has been increased to more than 500. The hospital is equipped with most modern and latest equipment and facilities. In its final and ultimate phase of completion, the hospital will have 750 beds to provide all aspects of medical and surgical services.

Because of its unique location and activities and developments already initiated at the behest of the hospital, Bhagalpur-Bajitpur was naturally considered for the establishment of a medical college in the private sector. The hospital so abundantly equipped with modern instruments and facilities provide ideal infrastructure for the medical college to impart education and research facilities on theoretical as well as practical aspect of medical science.

Service of eminent professors, surgeons and consultants from home and abroad are made available to ensure best services to the Hospital, College & Nursing College.

The hospital has been brought under computer networking system and each department/section is connected to each other through LAN and WAN to share the informations and to store in a central database server.


  Hospital : More than 500 Beds
  Nursing College
  Patient Attendant Dormitory
  Doctors’ Dormitory
  Nurses’ Dormitory
  Doctors’ quarters
  Staffs’ quarters
  Central Mosque
  Recreation Facility
  Community Centre
  Central Cafeteria
  Doctors’ Club with gymnasium

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